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Fill out completely (check date for the course desired), and mail along with check payable to D&D WEST at 814 West Madison Ave., Charleston, SC 29412. You can also register with a credit card online at www.ddwest.com.  

* indicates that the course meets the requirements for GDOT prequalification

+ indicates that the course can be combined with other courses to meet the GDOT prequalification requirements.

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Basic Wetland Delineation $995 *

March 23-27 _____    or  Septebmer 21-25 _____ Atlanta, GA

May 4-8 _____ Charleston, SC

August 3-7  _____ Savannah, GA

Advanced Hydric Soils, Hydrology, and Regional Indicators (Coastal Plain or Piedmont) $450 *

Coastal Plain (Savannah, GA): April 21-22 _____

Coastal Plain (Charleston, SC): June 23-24 _____

Piedmont (Atlanta, GA): November 17-18 _____

Hydrophytic Vegetation (Coastal Plain or Piedmont) $450 *

Coastal Plain (Charleston, SC): May 19-20 _____

Piedmont (Atlanta, GA): July 21-22  _____

Identification of Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes $450

September  10-11  _____ Charleston, SC

Wetland Delineation Regional Supplement (Atlantic & Gulf Coastal Plain or Eastern Mountains/Piedmont) $450 +

Atlantic & Gulf Coastal Plain (Charleston, SC): February 25-26  _____

Eastern Mountains / Piedmont (Atlanta, GA): December 8-9  _____


Interagency Consultation for Endangered Species (Section 7) $500 *

March 25 – 26 _____     August 26-27  _____     December 1-2  _____        Atlanta, GA

Endangered Species Identification (RCW, flatwoods salamander, pondberry, Am. chaffseed) $225

May 26 _____ Charleston, SC

Course prices are as listed. Register 30 days prior to a course and receive a $25 discount if paid with cash or check. Former students receive a 10 percent discount off the original price of the course if paid with cash or check. Contact D&D WEST at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or call Jake at (843) 478-1072 or Lori (843) 270-4857 for more information and/or logistics.

Cancellation/refund policy: All courses are subject to cancellation by D&D WEST until 2 weeks prior to the date of the course due to limited enrollment, pending natural disaster, or emergency situations. You will be notified of any cancellations. Any payments either will be refunded or applied to another course. Full refunds will be made (less a $30 handling fee if payment is by credit card) if a written request by the applicant is received 2 weeks prior to date of course. No refunds will be made after the 2-week deadline, however substitutions for other courses will be considered on a case by case basis.

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